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Unique & Personalized Design Process

I will involve you most possible throughout the process of making your jewelry piece.  After sparing with you about the possibilites, will I make a design draft for you to approve.  When approved, I will regularly update you on how the piece progresses.

Option To Reuse Old Gold Jewelry

I'm truely engaged in sustainable production, and since I do everything in-house, I can offer the option of reusing clients old gold jewelry.
I will however conduct a gold-test of the old jewelry to make sure that everything is in order.

Always Welcome To Reach Out

I will always stand by the quality of my jewelry. My initials will always be stamped somewhere on the piece. This also means that you're always welcome to reach out to me if anything is wrong with the piece, or if it needs a re-polish.

Custom projects

I truly enjoy doing custom projects because it challenges me and gives me a high level of satisfaction helping people acheive their jewelry dreams and ideas.

Every piece crafted in my hands will have a touch of my personal style, however I am open for more simple design projects such as signet rings, initial rings etc.

When contacting me abut a project, I do expect that you have a clear idea of what you want and possibly reference pictures.

Prices starts at 1500 DKK  / 200 €, but will be calculated depending on complexity & materials of the project

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