Signature - Organic

Gold / Silver

General Info
Classic W.Scott organic goldplated silver pendant.

Perfect for spicing up an outfit, and great for layering.

Pendant Dimension
20.10 x 13.70 mm

Delivery time
Please notice that due to every piece being handmade, there will be maximum of 10 working days prior shipping.


Info on goldplated jewelry

Our goldplated jewelry has received a thick layer of 18 karat gold. However, with all goldplated jewelry you will need to take care of your jewelry to make sure it keeps its luster.


If you feel that your jewelry needs to be re-goldplated, then reach out and we will re-plate your William Scott piece free of charge.

Size Guide

- Picture of different chain sizes on models will come shortly..

Sizes depends on your own style. As a guy I would normally wear 45/50 cm with a single pendant.. When stacking with 2 chains I would do 42 cm & 50 cm. 

Best Regards, William Scott