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Mystery Grillz


IMPORTANT - The grillz webshop are currently only to showcase prices. All purchases must be made on my physically adress in Denmark to also take teeth impression. Currently working on being able to ship abroad.

When purchasing the mystery grill you give me the honor of making something unique & extemely creative! Give me a couple of reference pictures and i freestyle the rest!

Due to different cost in materials for silver & gold they will differ in size. Where I can make 8 teeths in silveri, can perhaps only make 4 teeths in gold etc...  Nevertheless, i will make the designs amazing for either one you choose! The higher you go the more expensive materials I can cop in.

Book an appointment

Teeth impressions will be taken at my workshop: Fennevangen 2, 2820 gentofte by appointment. 


- Send me a message to schedule. or @Wscottjewels (Instagram)

- Payment upfront for custom grillz. Mobilepay & cash accepted.

Delivery time

Due to each grill being custommade for your specific teeths, time from taken impression to finished product will vary from 14 - 30 days depending on complexity of design.


Best Regards, William Scott

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